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Table 3 Participant timeline

From: Partial oral antibiotic treatment for bacterial brain abscess: an open-label randomized non-inferiority trial (ORAL)

  Study period
  Enrolment Allocationa Monitoring during treatment End of treatment Follow-up since randomization (months)
Study phase Admission to randomization   Weekly Bi-weekly   3 6 12b
Eligibility screen        
Informed consent        
Cranial imaging − 3 to 0 days        
Intervention   -------------------------------------------------------------    
Clinical examination    
Cranial imaging      
Morisky scores (oral arm)         
Blood tests      
SF-36 + EQ-5D-5L + MoCA     
Screening for immunodeficiency         
  1. E-GOS Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale score. Blood tests include c-reactive protein, complete blood count, creatinine, liver function tests
  2. aAfter 14 days or longer since definitive neurosurgical treatment or IV antibiotic therapy for brain abscess
  3. bCan be replaced by telephone consultation