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Table 2 Brief qualitative interview guide

From: Parenting interventions for families with refugee backgrounds: a randomized factorial, mixed-methods design study protocol

  Background Experiences with IY or ICDP Refection concerning IY and ICDP Effective components in IY and ICDP
Parents Question about: country of origin, ethnicity,
Refugee situation, parenting challenges, moving, resettle, acculturation, level of trust, and challenges as refugees.
Experiences regarding IY and ICDP Reflection regarding IY and ICDP, support and helps when parenting in new context, and general impression of IY and ICDP Questions about a group lesson, being parent and using IY or ICDP strategies.
Children Question about a normal day, living in a new country, being a refugee, challenges, and strengths (important to balance the former question) Question about the parents in Norway and country of origin: compare, identify the difference and giving examples of normal day with the parents Reflection regarding: When are the parents at their best? Worse?
“Wishful thinking”: What should change? What do they miss?
Question about if the parents use the IY and ICDP strategies with the children.
“Happy thoughts”: What do the parents do as parents today, that you enjoy?
IY group leaders Question about age, gender, education, years as IY or ICDP Question about the IY or ICDP experiences. Question regarding reflection on challenges, Comparison to other working methods, feedback form the families and if IY or ICDP are adequate Question about what works or does not work in IY or ICDP, descend from the manual, ranking the parts of IY or ICDP from best to least favorite and argue for the ranking
Video of IY groups Videos from IY:
Looking for group dimension
Individual behavioral
Influence of the language interpreter
Looking for adherence to program implementation Looking for feedback, disturbance, and extraordinary episodes Consider the videos regarding different components of the manuals