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Table 1 Study schedule

From: The Reflective Fostering Programme—improving the wellbeing of children in care through a group intervention for foster carers: a randomised controlled trial

  Study period
  Screening Randomisation Post-randomisation Process evaluation
Timepoint Pre-T0 Pre-T0 T0
T0–T1 T1
+ 4 months
+ 12 months
Eligibility screen X       
Coffee Morning X       
Informed consent X       
Randomisation   X      
Fostering Team profile questionnaire X       X
Delivery of Reflective Fostering Programme     X    
Attendance Log     X    
Facilitator Adherence Rating     X    
Incidents of concern Log     X    
Demographic information    X     
Strengths and difficulties questionnaire    X   X X  
Parenting Stress Index – short form    X   X X  
Professional QoL questionnaire    X   X X  
Emotion Regulation Checklist    X   X X  
Carer Defined Problem Scale    X   X X  
Child Health Utility-9D    X   X X  
Child and Adolescent Service Use Schedule    X   X X  
Placement Stability    X   X X  
Focus Groups with facilitators        X
Interviews with foster carers       X