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Table 2 Study testing visits (V1-3) and outcome assessments

From: Recovering arm function in chronic stroke patients using combined anodal HD-tDCS and virtual reality therapy (ReArm): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Outcome measures Inclusion visit Pre-test (V1) Post-test (V2) Retention test (V3, 3 months after V2)
Mini Mental State Examination X    
Boston diagnostic aphasia examination X    
Bell’s test X    
Wolf Motor Function Test   X X X
Fugl-Meyer Upper Extremity   X X X
Box and Block Test   X X X
Barthel Index   X X X
Actimetry   X X X
Proximal Arm Non-Use (PANU)a   X X X
Reaching task (Kinematics and EEG/fNIRS)   X X X
Circular steering task (Kinematics and EEG/fNIRS)   X X X
Lady bug test (Kinematics and EEG/fNIRS)   X X X
  1. aProximal Arm Non-Use will be assessed during the reaching task
  2. EEG Electroencephalography, fNIRS Functional near-infrared spectroscopy