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Table 2 Planned figures and tables

From: A multicenter cluster randomized, stepped wedge implementation trial for targeted normoxia in critically ill trauma patients: study protocol and statistical analysis plan for the Strategy to Avoid Excessive Oxygen (SAVE-O2) trial

Proposed tables
(stratified by treatment condition pre- vs post-intervention)
Table 1: Patient characteristics (stratified by treatment
Table 2: Primary Outcome – SOFD
- SOFD (Mean, SD) among survivors
- In-hospital mortality (n, %)
- Alive with 0 SOFD (n, %)
- Alive with 28 SOFD (n, %)
Table 3: Secondary clinical outcomes
- HFD90
- In-hospital mortality to day 90
- VFD28
- Time to room air
- Discharge disposition
Table 4: Secondary oxygenation outcome
- Amount of supplemental oxygen administered
- Duration of time on normoxia protocol target
- Proportion receiving high levels of supplemental oxygen while in ICU
- Duration of time receiving high levels of supplemental oxygen
- Duration of time receiving no supplemental oxygen
- Incidence of hypoxic and hyperoxic events
- Duration of hypoxic and hyperoxic evens
Proposed figures Figure 1: CONSORT diagram
Figure 2: Histogram of SOFD stratified by treatment conditions
Figure 3: Time to mortality stratified by treatment condition (Kaplan-Meier Curve)
Supplemental Tables/Figures Supplementary Table 1: Patient characteristics by site
Supplementary Table 2: Primary Outcome – SOFD by site
Supplementary Table 3: Secondary Outcomes by site
Supplementary Table 4: Subgroup analysis by trauma subgroup
Supplementary Table 5: Subgroup analysis by Injury Severity Score
  1. Abbreviations: GOS Glasgow Outcome Score, HFD90 hospital-free days to day 28, ICU intensive care unit, SD standard deviation, SOFD supplemental oxygen-free days, VFD28 ventilator-free days to day 28