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Table 1 Patient-level data collected

From: A multicenter cluster randomized, stepped wedge implementation trial for targeted normoxia in critically ill trauma patients: study protocol and statistical analysis plan for the Strategy to Avoid Excessive Oxygen (SAVE-O2) trial

Source (extraction method) Data collected
Trauma registry
(automated extraction)
Date of presentation to the emergency department or hospital
Date of ICU admission
Age on day of admission
Race and ethnicity
Payer status
Elixhauser comorbidity index
Mechanism of injury
Injury Severity Score
Electronic health record (automated extraction) Cigarette smoking status
Body mass index
Covid-19 status
Shock Index
All validated SpO2 values in ICU
Unvalidated SpO2 values (continuous, recorded up to every minute when available) in ICU
All PaO2 values in ICU
All FiO2 values in ICU
All PEEP values in ICU
All oxygen volume measurements in ICU
Date of discharge from ICU
Date of in-hospital death
Discharge disposition
Electronic health record (manual extraction) Military status
Home supplemental oxygen use
Discharge GOS
Calculated outcomes Supplemental Oxygen Free Day (SOFD) to day 28
Ventilator-free days to day 28 (VFD28)
Hospital-free days to day 90 (HFD90)
In-hospital mortality to day 90
Time to mortality to day 90
Time to room air (or FiO2=0.21)
Frequency of hypoxic episodes
Duration of hypoxic episode
Frequency of hyperoxic episodes
Duration of hyperoxic episodes
Total duration of time on normoxia protocol
Amount of supplemental oxygen administered (total estimated oxygen volume administered in ICU)
Duration of time on normoxia protocol target (time with SpO2 90-96% or receiving no supplemental oxygen while in ICU)
Proportion of participants receiving high levels of supplemental oxygen (FiO2 > 0.4 or more than 4LPM for more than 2 h while in ICU; excluding operating room time)
Duration of time receiving high levels of supplemental oxygen
Duration of time receiving no supplemental oxygen or FiO2 = 0.21
  1. Abbreviations: COVID-19 coronavirus disease 2019, FiO2 fraction of inspired oxygen, GOS Glasgow Outcome Scale, ICU intensive care unit; LPM liters per minute; PaO2 partial pressure of arterial oxygen, PEEP positive end expiratory pressure, SpO2 saturation of oxygen