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Table 1 Source and timing of outcome measures to be assessed

From: Female Urgency, Trial of Urodynamics as Routine Evaluation (FUTURE study): a superiority randomised clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of invasive urodynamic investigations in management of women with refractory overactive bladder symptoms

Outcome measure Source Timing
   Baselinea Post-randomisation (months)
    3 6 15
Treatment success PGI-I PQ  
Generic health status PQ
Condition specific quality of life PQ  
Urinary symptoms PQ
 UPS: Urgency Perception Scale      
Urgency and urgency urinary incontinence episodes on (3-day bladder diary) PQ  
Bladder scan CRF    
Interventions received CRF, PQ  
Adverse events CRF, PQ  
NHS primary and secondary healthcare use CRF, PQ  
Participant resource use PQ  
  1. CRF case report form, PQ participant-completed questionnaire
  2. aBaseline is after informed consent has been given but prior to randomisation