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Table 1 Demographic and baseline clinical characteristics

From: Effectiveness of expiratory technique and induced sputum in obtaining good quality sputum from patients acutely hospitalized with suspected lower respiratory tract infection: a statistical analysis plan for a randomized controlled trial

Variable Overall Group 1 total (n =) Group 2 total (n =)
Tracheal suction (n =) Forced expiratory technique (n =), induced sputum (n =)
Sex, n (%)    
Age, mean (SD)    
Smoking status    
 Current smokers, n (%)    
 Ex-smokers, n (%)    
 Non-smokers, n (%)    
 Cough, n (%)    
 Expectoration, n (%)    
 Chest tightness, n (%)    
 Dyspnea, n (%)    
Severity assessment    
 CURB-65 score* 0–1, n (%)    
 CURB-65 score* 2, n (%)    
 CURB-65 score* 3–5, n (%)    
 PSI* risk class 2–3, n (%)    
 PSI* risk class 4, n (%)    
 PSI* risk class 5, n (%)    
 Triage level 1, n (%)    
 Triage level 2–3, n (%)    
 Triage level 4–5, n (%)    
Diagnostic packages    
 Airways symptoms, n (%)    
 Fever, n (%)    
 Dyspnea, n (%)    
 Unspecific illness, n (%)    
 Suspicion of COVID-19 infection, n (%)    
 Other, n (%)    
Suspicion of pneumonia, n (%)    
SARS-COV-2 positive at admission, n (%)    
 COPD*, n (%)    
 Asthma, n (%)    
 DM*, n (%)    
 CVD*, n (%)    
 Cancer, n (%)    
 Other, n (%)    
Vital parameters    
 SaO2*, mean (SD)    
 RR*, median (IQR)    
 HR*, median (IQR)    
 Systolic blood pressure, median (IQR)    
 Diastolic blood pressure, median (IQR)    
 Fever > 38 °C, n (%)    
 Altered mental status, n (%)    
Blood tests    
 C-reactive protein, mean (SD)    
 Leucocytes, mean (SD)    
 Neutrophils, mean (SD)    
Did the patient receive antibiotic treatment    
 Within 1 month, n (%)    
 Before sputum collection, n (%)    
Inhaled medications, n (%)    
Length of hospital stay, mean (SD)    
  1. *CURB-65 score, score for pneumonia severity based on confusion, urin, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and age; PSI, Pneumonia Severity Index; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, DM, diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2; CVD, cardiovascular disease; SaO2, oxygen saturation; RR, respiratory rate; HR, heart rate