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Table 1 LGO-S intervention, content of sessions

From: Evaluation of the “Let’s Get Organized” group intervention to improve time management: protocol for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Session 1 Appointment books
Define trial-and-error learning
Identifying and managing time strengths and weaknesses
Session 2 Appointment books
Managing time strengths and weaknesses
How to make time work for me: case study 1
Session 3 Appointment books
Barriers for managing time in activities
What I dislike or have to do versus what I like to do
Session 4 Appointment books
Using an activity schedule to get an overview of time and routines: case study 2
Estimating and measuring the duration of time in daily activities (homework)
Session 5 Appointment books
How do I spend my time? Using an activity schedule to be in control of time
Prioritising time using a to-do list (homework)
Session 6 Appointment books
Making the most of my time and energy
Energy levels and circadian rhythms
Session 7 Appointment books
Making the most of my time and energy—your activities and the energy needed for them
Measuring attention span (homework)
Session 8 Appointment books
Revising my schedule, daily routines, and improving routines.
Practice altering one routine (homework)
Session 9 Appointment books
Time to have fun—weekend planning. Rewarding myself
Session 10 Appointment books
What have I learned.
Evaluation of the LGO.