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Table 1 A schematic overview of the study design. Definition of timepoints: t1: Within 36 h after admission the ED, ta: Immediately after data collection upon enrollment has ended, tGFR: During hospitalization or up to 2 weeks after discharge, t2: 8 weeks after discharge, t3: 16 weeks after discharge, t1y: 1 year after discharge. Abbreviations: GFR glomerular filtration rate, MULTI multidisciplinary, NUT nutritional, MED medication

From: Optimization of Nutrition And Medication (OptiNAM) for acutely admitted older patients: protocol for a randomized single-blinded controlled trial

Timepoint Enrollment Allocation Post allocation Close-out
t1 ta tGFR t2 t3 T1y
 Eligibility screening x      
 Informed consent x      
 Allocation   x     
 Nutritional screening x      
 MULTI-NUT-MED intervention   x    x  
 MED intervention   x     
Data collection
Descriptive variables x      
Primary outcomes       
Health related quality of life x    x x x
Medication appropriateness x    x x x
Kidney Function    x    
Confirmative outcomes
Underutilization of medication x    x x  
Energy and protein intake During admission    x x  
Mobility x    x x  
Activities of daily living x    x x  
Well-being x    x x  
Frailty x    x x  
Anthropometry x    x x  
Blood pressure and heart rate x    x x  
Mortality      x x
Cognition x    x x  
Depression x    x x  
Blood samples x   x x x  
Health economy x     x x
Explorative outcomes
Gene variations x      
Body composition x   x x x  
Nutritional status x    x x  
Intestinal microbiota x    x x