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Table 1 SPIRIT table

From: Assessing the efficacy of a stepped-care group treatment programme for borderline personality disorder: study protocol for a pragmatic trial

Domain Measure Study period
Recruitment Baseline Randomisation Intervention Follow-up
Week   0 0 0 4/16 16/36 4/36 52
Contacted by   CP CP CP CP CP/RA CP/RA RA
 Eligibility screen   X       
 Informed consent         
 Diagnostic assessment    X      
Allocation    X      
 Group skills programme (12 weeks)      Weeks 4–16
 Group skills programme (16 weeks)      Weeks 20–36
 Treatment as usual      Weeks 4–36
 Diagnostics SCID-5-CV   X      
SCID-5-PD   X      
 Personality traits PID-5-BF   X      X
SA-SAPAS   X      X
MSI-BPD    X X X   X
 Executive functioning BRIEF-A   X      X
 Mental health K-10   X   X X   
MHI-5    X X X   X
FFMQ-SF    X X X   
ISAS    X X X   
DERS    X X X   
BDI suicidal ideation item    X X X   X
Self-harm (developed items)    X X X   X
DEQ-SC6    X X X   X
Single item based on the DES    X X X   X
 Quality of life and psychosocial functioning GAF   X      X
SOFAS   X      X
HONOS   X   X X   
APQ-6   X   X X   
WHO-QOL BREF items    X X X   X
WHO-DAS items    X X X   X
Global Health item    X X X   X
 Relationships and attachment Support person developed items    X X X   X
RQ    X X X   X
ORS       X  
 Therapeutic alliance and engagement Engagement in treatment (developed items)      X   
Treatment satisfaction (developed items)      X   
Penn Helping Alliance Questionnaire      X   
SRS       X  
 Biological measures Saliva samples     X X  X  
  1. Note: X—administered at time point
  2. SCID-5-CV Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 Disorders, SCID-5-PD Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 Disorders for Personality Disorders, PID-5-BF Personality inventory for DSM-5 – Brief Form, SA-SAPAS Self-Administered Standardised Assessment of Personality – Abbreviated Scale, MSI-BPD McLean Screening Instrument for Borderline Personality Disorder, BRIEF-A Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function – Adult Version, K10 Kessler Psychological Distress Scale, MHI-5 Mental Health Inventory 5, Five Facets of Mindfulness-Short Form, ISASInventory of Statements about Self-Injury – Section II. Functions, DERS Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale, BDI Beck Depression Inventory, DEQ-SC6 Depressive Experiences Questionnaire Self-criticism subscale, GAF Global Assessment of Functioning Scale, SOFAS Social and Occupational Functioning Assessment Scale, HONOS Health of the nation outcome scale, APQ6 Activity and Participation Questionnaire, WHO-QOL World Health Organization Quality of Life BREF, WHO-DAS World Health Organization Disability Assessment Scale, RQ Relationship Questionnaire Clinical Version, ORS Outcome Rating Scale, SRS Session Rating Scale, CP clinical psychologist, RA research assistant