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Table 2 Assessment time points

From: Nutrition-focused group intervention with a strength-based counseling approach for people with clinical depression: a study protocol for the Food for Mind randomized controlled trial

Questionnaire/method 0 8weeks 6months 12months
Baseline characteristics
 Age, sex, education, occupation, working time pattern, marital status, household size, smoking, alcohol use, special diet x    
 Diagnosis of depression, year of first diagnosis x x x x
 Medication x x x x
 Employment status x   x x
 Distance to group meeting facilities, mode of transportation x    
 Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D) Scale x x x x
 Seasonal Pattern Assessment Questionnaire (SPAQ) x    
Quality of diet
 The Index of Diet Quality (IDQ) x x x x
 Diet Frequency Questionnaire x x x x
 Household management questionnaire x x x x
Eating behavior
Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire-r18 (TFEQ-r18) x x x x
 Satter Eating Competence Inventory (ecSI 2.0™) x x x x
Quality of life
 Assessment of Quality of Life (AQoL-8D) x x x x
Ability to work and function
 Ability to work and function questionnaire x x x x
 Distance and mode of transportation to group meetings x    
 Costs of intervention     x
 Costs of participants’ time use     x
 Cost of participants’ travel     x
Treatment expectancy
 Treatment expectancy questionnaire x    
 Theoretical Framework of Acceptability (TFA)   x   
Weight and body composition
 Body composition analyzer (InBody720) x x x x