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Table 4 Expectancy items and corresponding measures

From: MDLSD: study protocol for a randomised, double-masked, placebo-controlled trial of repeated microdoses of LSD in healthy volunteers

Expectancy item Measures
Do you expect that microdosing will change how ____ you feel?
 Angry Anger VAS
 Anxious Anxiety VAS
DASS Anxiety
(−) DFlex
BFI-2 Negative Emotionality
 Calm Calm VAS
 Connected to others Connected VAS
NIH Toolbox Social Satisfaction Summary
BFI-2 Agreeableness
BFI-2 Conscientiousness
BFI-2 Extraversion
 Creative Creative VAS
Everyday problem solving
 Focused Focus VAS
 Guilty Guilt VAS
 Happy Happy VAS
NIH Toolbox Psychological Well-Being Summary
 Meditative FFMQ
 Motivated Motivated VAS
 Open to new experiences BFI-2 Open-Mindedness
State of Surrender
(−) State of Preoccupation
 Sad Sad VAS
DASS Depression
 Stressed Stressed VAS
DASS Stress
 Well Well VAS
(−) AEs
Fitbit Sleep and Activity
Do you expect that microdosing will change how ____ you feel?
 Craving Craving VAS
 Energy Energy VAS
(−) Tired VAS
Fitbit Sleep and Activity
 Self-efficacy NIH Self-Efficacy
Do you expect that microdosing will affect your ___
 Cognitive functioning NIH Toolbox Fluid Cognition Composite Score
  1. “−” indicates negative correlation is expected