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Table 2 Time schedule for participants

From: Energy and protein intake in medical and geriatric inpatients with MEDPass versus conventional administration of oral nutritional supplements: study protocol for the randomized controlled MEDPass Trial

Study period Screening Intervention period Evaluation Follow-up
Visit 1 2 3 4 5 6   
Day 0 1 8 15 22 29 * **
NRS 2002 total score x        
NRS 2002 subscore nutritional status x        
Inclusion and exclusion criteria x        
Information, informed consent x        
Assignment to study group   x       
Baseline patient characteristics   x       
Energy intake/day (kcal)**   Continuous assessment   
Protein intake/day (g)**    
ONS intake/day (ml)**    
Serious adverse events (SAE)**    
Handgrip strength (kg)   x x*** x*** x*** x***   
Body weight (kg)   x x*** x*** x*** x***   
Body height (cm)   x       
BMI (kg/m2)   x       
Appetite (VAS)   x x*** x*** x*** x***   
Nausea (VAS)   x x*** x*** x*** x***   
Procedural variables        x  
Hospital LOS (d)        x  
30-day mortality (y/n)         x
  1. *After patient dismissal or after 30 days of inclusion
  2. **For 30 days upon inclusion
  3. ***Assessment at day 1, day 8, day 15, day 22, and day 29
  4. Visits 2–6: study visits may be conducted earlier or later by a maximum of 2 days