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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Energy and protein intake in medical and geriatric inpatients with MEDPass versus conventional administration of oral nutritional supplements: study protocol for the randomized controlled MEDPass Trial

Inclusion criteria • Nutritional Risk Screening (NRS 2002) total score ≥ 3 points according to routine screening at admission within 72 h [25]
• Expected hospital LOS ≥ 3 days after screening (as estimated by the treating physician)
• Patient qualifies for ONS and approves prescription
• Age > 18 years
• Willingness and ability to provide informed consent
Exclusion criteria • Initially admitted to critical care unit
• Immediate post-operative phase (< 7 days post-surgery)
• Dysphagia with the inability to swallow liquids
• Admitted with or scheduled for supplemental or total enteral nutrition and/or parenteral nutrition
• Mini Mental State examination < 16 points
• Hospitalization due to anorexia nervosa, acute pancreatitis, or acute liver failure
• Patients with cystic fibrosis, short bowel syndrome, or after gastric bypass surgery
• Terminal condition (end of life situation)
• Poor German language skills (study language)