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Table 1 Time schedule of data collection and study procedures

From: Feasibility and efficacy of a decision aid for emergency department patients with suspected ureterolithiasis: protocol for an adaptive randomized controlled trial

Procedure Screening/enrollment (day 0) Follow-up 1 (day 14) Follow-up 2 (day 60–75)
Informed consent X   
Demographics X   
Medical History X   
Randomization X   
Intervention X   
Patient knowledge test X   
Patient engagement survey X   
Trust in Physician Scale X   
SDM measures X   
Clinical outcomes (ED diagnosis, HRDwC, ED revisits, 30/60 day CT usage, admission rate, urologic procedures, primary care visits) X X X
Patient Satisfaction survey X   
Clinicians’ perspectives assessment X   
  1. HRDwC High risk diagnosis with complications