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Table 1 Additional non-commercial software of potential interest to platform trial simulation. Description of most R packages was taken from All URLs were checked last on 29.07.2020

From: Systematic review of available software for multi-arm multi-stage and platform clinical trial design

Name Description Platform
adaptTest The functions defined in this program serve for implementing adaptive two-stage tests. Currently, four tests are included: Bauer and Koehne (1994), Lehmacher and Wassmer (1999), Vandemeulebroecke (2006), and the horizontal conditional error function. R
AGSDest Calculation of repeated confidence intervals as well as confidence intervals based on the stage-wise ordering in group sequential designs and adaptive group sequential designs. R
basket Package for the analysis of basket trials which implements binary, symmetric multi-source exchangeability models for Bayesian analyses of subgroups. Analyses can be conducted “basketwise” or “clusterwise”, where subgroups are combined into meta-baskets. R
BayesianPickWinner Calculation of power for the Bayesian pick-the-winner design. Accessible via R
Bayesian Basket Discovery Trials Design, Monitoring and Analysis. Accessible via R Shiny
BTcode Basket trials with hierarchical Bayesian modeling. Accessible via: R
EVD Simulation of various sequential two- and multi-arm clinical trial designs with Day-14 survival rate as primary endpoint. Accessible via R
gMCP Functions and a graphical user interface for graphical described multiple test procedures. R
interAdapt A shiny application for designing adaptive clinical trials. For more details, see: R Shiny
MD Anderson Software Download Kiosk Several individual software for specific tasks, such as software to simulate clinical trials with response-adaptive randomization (no control, multiple experimental arms) and a tool to calculate confidence limits on the difference between two binomial proportions. Accessible via Individual
multcomp Simultaneous tests and confidence intervals for general linear hypotheses in parametric models, including linear, generalized linear, linear mixed effects, and survival models. R
optGS Near-optimal and balanced group-sequential designs for clinical trials with continuous outcomes R
Optimal two-stage basket trials Calculation of optimal design parameters for two-stage basket trials. Accessible via R
RCTDesign Evaluating, analyzing, and reporting group sequential and adaptive clinical trial designs. R
Research code of Dr. James, Wason Code in several programming languages implementing research of Dr. James Wason from the MRC Biostatistics Unit and co-authors. Accessible via Several
Research code of Dr. Ying Yuan R code and Windows programs implementing research of Dr. Ying Yuan from the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Accessible via R and Individual