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Table 2 List of currently approved treatment devices

From: MR CLEAN-LATE, a multicenter randomized clinical trial of endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke in The Netherlands for late arrivals: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Device name Manufacturer Description
Solitaire Medtronic/Covidien Retrievable stent
Trevo Stryker Retrievable stent
Revive Cerenovus Retrievable stent
Catch Balt Retrievable stent
Embotrap Cerenovus Retrievable stent
Eric Microvention Retrievable stent
PreSet Phenox Retrievable stent
3D Separator Penumbra Retrievable stent
Penumbra system Penumbra Aspiration catheter system
Sofia Microvention Aspiration catheter
Catalyst Stryker Aspiration catheter
Syphontrak InNeuroCo Aspiration catheter
  1. New devices may be used when they are CE-marked or FDA-approved and after approval by the study executive committee