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Table 2 Research ethics for community partners: alternative to CITI human subjects protection training

From: Streamlining the institutional review board process in pragmatic randomized clinical trials: challenges and lessons learned from the Aspirin Dosing: A Patient-centric Trial Assessing Benefits and Long-Term Effectiveness (ADAPTABLE) trial

∙ Content vetted and approved by IRB
∙ Taught by project principal investigator
∙ In-person or web conference delivery (for multi-site studies)
∙ Can be tailored with study examples
∙ 50-min presentation (not including Q/A, discussion)
∙ Trainees must pass 14-question quiz with 80%
∙ Trainee assigned institutional credentials for limited system access
∙ IRB notified, trainee added as key study personnel
∙ Annual training options include repeat of community partner module or CITI Community Research module
  1. CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, IRB institutional review board