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Table 2 Standard Protocol Items: Recommendation for Interventional Trials (SPIRIT) study schedule

From: Can hypnosis and virtual reality reduce anxiety, pain and fatigue among patients who undergo cardiac surgery: a randomised controlled trial

TimepointStudy period
Hospital admission (Day − 1)Surgery (Day 0)Intensive care unit admission (Day + 1)
T0T1 T2T3
 Eligibility screenX    
 Informed consentX    
 Control, hypnosis, virtual reality, virtual reality hypnosisX    
Baseline: demographic factors, Dissociative Experience Scale [58]X    
Primary outcome: anxietyXX XX
Secondary variables: pain, fatigue, relaxation, heart rate, arterial pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, pupil sizeXX XX
Phenomenology scales: absorption, dissociation, immersion, presence, time perception X  X
 Nurse’s and patient’s interview X  X