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Table 1 Clinical studies on catheter ablations with contact force (CF)-sensing catheters in patients with atrial fibrillation

From: Contact-Force-Sensing-Based Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation in Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardias (COBRA-PATH): a randomized controlled trial

StudyYearType of studyNumber of patientsFollow-up (months)AblationCF catheter
Martinek et al. [4]2012Prospective nonrandomized study2525n/aCircumferential PVIThermoCool SmartTouch
Kuck et al. [5]
2012Prospective nonrandomized study72n/a12Circumferential PVI Right-sided SVT ablationTactiCath
Reddy et al. [6]
2012Prospective nonrandomized study32n/a12Circumferential PVITactiCath
Neuzil et al. [7]
2013Prospective nonrandomized study46n/a3Circumferential PVI plus remapping at 3 monthsTactiCath
Casella et al. [8]2014Randomized controlled trial203512Circumferential PVITactiCath or Contact Therapy Cool Path
Andrade et al. [9]2014Prospective nonrandomized study255013.3Circumferential PVIThermoCool SmartTouch
Kimura et al. [10]2014Randomized controlled trial19196.7Circumferential PVIThermoCool SmartTouch
Marijon et al. [11]2014Prospective nonrandomized study303012Circumferential PVIThermoCool SmartTouch
Natale et al. [12]
2014Prospective nonrandomized study161n/a6Circumferential PVI plus possible linear ablations and CFAE. CTI line if patient with AFLThermoCool SmartTouch
Sciarra et al. [13]2014Prospective nonrandomized study21212.5Circumferential PVIThermoCool SmartTouch
Wakili et al. [14]2014Prospective nonrandomized study323512Circumferential PVITactiCath
Wutzler et al. [15]2014Prospective nonrandomized study3111212Circumferential PVITactiCath
Jarman et al. [16]2015Retrospective case–control study20040011.4PVIaThermoCool SmartTouch
Ullah et al. [1]2014Prospective nonrandomized study505012PVI or WACA plus CTI plus mitral isthmus plus roof linebThermoCool SmartTouch
Kautzner et al. [17]
2015Prospective nonrandomized study2426 patients from EFFICAS I3Circumferential PVI plus remapping at 3 monthsTactiCath
Sigmund et al. [18]2015Prospective case-matched control trial999912Circumferential PVI plus linear ablation plus CFAEcThermoCool SmartTouch
Reddy et al. [19]
2015Randomized controlled trial14613412Circumferential PVI plus possible linear ablations and CFAE. CTI line if patient with AFLTactiCath
  1. aFor paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF), additional linear ablation was performed only exceptionally; nonparoxysmal AF, use of additional lesions varied by operator, including linear lesions at the roof, mitral isthmus, posterior wall and CTI, targeting of complex fractionated electrograms, and ablation at the endocardial and epicardial aspects of the coronary sinus
  2. bCTI line added in patients with AFL hx; if remained in AF, linear lesions added at mitral isthmus and roof, both point-to-point and drag
  3. cPVI only, PVI with lines, PVI with lines and CFAE, and PVI with CFAE
  4. AFL atrial flutter, hx history n/a not applicable, PVI pulmonary vein isolation, SVT supraventricular tachycardia, CTI cavotricuspid isthmus isolation, CFAE Complex Fractionated Atrial Electrograms, WACA wide antral circumferential ablation