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Table 1 Research flowchart

From: Tongmai Yangxin intervening in myocardial remodeling after PCI for coronary heart disease: study protocol for a double-blind, randomized controlled trial

ItemResearch phase
TimeBefore enrollment4 weeks after enrollment8 weeks after enrollment12 weeks after enrollment
Confirm inclusion and exclusion criteria   
Signed informed consent   
Basic information   
Medical history, treatment history, and allergies   
Current medications   
Retrieve central randomization   
Efficacy evaluation
 Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging  
 Biological indicator
 Dynamic electrocardiogram
 Traditional Chinese medicine syndrome score
 6-minute walk test
 Seattle Angina Questionnaire
 Experiment event rate 
 Blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
 Routine blood and urine parameters
 Liver and kidney profile
 Myocardial enzymes
 Urine pregnancy test   
 Appointment for next follow-up  
 Study completion status   
 Case report form examination