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Table 5 Time used and number of quiz questions used to complete the module and number of participants who answered either ‘agree’/‘strongly agree’ or ‘appropriate’ to the questions regarding the design of the module (data stratified by participants’ previous experience with NIRS monitoring)

From: Pilot test of an online training module on near-infrared spectroscopy monitoring for the randomised clinical trial SafeBoosC-III

QuestionExperienceNo experienceTotal
 Minutes to complete module, median [range] (n/N)13.5 [1–420] (40/46)c20 [4–420] (30/35)c15 [1–420] (70/81)c
 Number of questions to complete module, median [range] (n/N)5.5 [4–20] (36/46)c8 [4–50] (25/35)c7 [4–50]
Learning material
 Academic level of learning material appropriate, n/N (%)39/46 (85)30/35 (86)69/81 (85)
 Learning material sufficient to complete quiza, n/N (%)32/44 (73)23/34 (68)55/78 (70)
 Academic level of quiz appropriatea, n/N (%)41/46 (89)34/35 (97)75/81 (93)
 Number of answering possibilities per question appropriate, n/N (%)27/46 (59)22/35 (63)49/81 (60)
 Quiz questions clinically relevant and up-to-datea43/46 (93)34/34 (100)77/80 (96)
 The NIRS module was stable and did not crashb, n/N (%)34/45 (76)23/35 (66)57/80 (71)
Preparation for using NIRS
 Relevant to prepare for using the NIRS devicea41/45 (91)31/35 (89)72/80 (90)
  1. aPooling of the answers agree or strongly agree
  2. bYes to the statement
  3. c Number of responders answering the specific question and the total number of overall responders completing the online survey