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From: Lifestyle changes and glycemic control in type 1 diabetes mellitus: a trial protocol with factorial design approach

Remember to check your blood sugars before every meal and record it in your logbook. Keep up the good work.How many steps have you taken today? Make sure your fitbit is charged to record all that hard work!
Good luck and have a healthy day
Don’t forget to check and record your blood sugar and insulin dose in your logbook. This record will help you to discuss it with your doctor and make your sugar levels near to the targets.
Have a good day!
Recording your step count can help you to manage your blood sugar, so Fitbit is here to help you to count your steps daily. Don’t forget to charge it. Have a good day!
Keeping an eye on your blood sugar. Knowing this can help you and your doctor to adjust your food choices and insulin doses accordingly.
Thanks for checking and recording it in your log book!
Remember! Any type of physical activity you do will help you lower your blood glucose! It’s time to go for a walk and increase your daily steps. Fitbit is here to count your every step so don’t forget to note your steps daily in your logbook.
Thank you for all your hard work!
Self-testing of your blood sugar is an important tool in managing your treatment plan and preventing diabetes complications, so try to keep your blood sugar levels record in your logbook as suggested by your physician and help yourself and your doctor to manage your treatment accordingly.Fitbit is with you to count your steps during housework, outdoor work, job activities, recreational activities, and exercise. So charge you fitbit as required and don’t forget to record your steps daily in logbook. Thanks
Self-monitoring of blood sugar levels provides useful information for diabetes management as it can help you reach your overall treatment goals. So keep checking and recording it in your logbook. Good day!Improved fitness lowers your blood glucose level, relieves stress, helps insulin work better and strengthens the heart, muscles, and bones. It’s time to set your goals and make your life healthier. Wear your fitbit device all the day and record your steps in log book. Don’t forget to charge it.
Stay Healthy!
It is time to check your blood sugar levels and don’t forget to keep recording of your sugar levels and insulin dose in you logbook. Thanks for your all efforts.If you sit for long hours at work or at home, try to get up once every hour and take a quick walk around the room. Walking is a great way to get fit! So use your fitbit and record all the steps you have taken in the log book. Thanks you for your Hard work!