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Table 1 Content of each session of the mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) and physical training

From: A mindfulness-based intervention for breast cancer patients with cognitive impairment after chemotherapy: study protocol of a three-group randomized controlled trial

Program MBI Physical training
Session 1 Discovering that we function on automatic pilot and kind attention to the body
Pause exercise, ground rules, grounding practice, raisin exercise, body scan, sitting meditation 1 (focus on the breath & coming back to it), overview home practices
Introduction to international physical activity guidelines, responsible training and explanation of the movement diary
Aerobics, strength exercises and stretching. Progressive relaxation. Overview home practices
Session 2 Kind attention to the body and the breath
Body scan, sitting meditation 2 (focus on the breath and expanding to sensations in the body and the body as a whole), standing in mountain, mindful walking, pleasant experience and entanglement (thoughts – feelings – sensations), 3-min breathing space, “Thought on a thread” practices (feet on the floor, coming to the breath, kind wishes), overview home practices
Exploring different training principles and the advantages of physical training
Aerobics, Thera-Band strength exercises, stretching. Body scan. Overview home practices
Session 3 Gently learning to work with personal limits and discovering that we can choose how to respond by opening gently to experience
Mindful movement, coping with fatigue, extended breathing space, unpleasant experience and entanglement (thoughts – feelings – sensations), sitting meditation 3 (focus on the breath and the body, gentle attention to intense, difficult or painful sensations in the body, expanding to sounds, thoughts & feelings, open awareness), “Thought on a thread” practices (feet on the floor, coming to the breath, kind wishes), overview home practices
Education about healthy movement, injury prevention and spinal hygiene
Step-aerobics, strength exercises with weights, stretching. Guided visualization. Overview home practices
Session 4 Gently being with what is difficult and taking care of ourselves
Pause, short body scan, mindful movement, sitting meditation 3, “Thought on a thread” practices (feet on the floor, coming to the breath, kind wishes), mindful coping with thoughts, vicious circle of anxious preoccupation, extended breathing space and action of self-care, mountain meditation, review course, overview home practices
Information about activity trackers and sports watches, tips to continue physical activity
Step-aerobics, strength exercises with Swiss-ball, stretching. Tennis ball massage. Overview home practices