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Table 5 Sessions and content of participatory group sessions

From: A study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial on mindfulness-based stress reduction: studying effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction and an additional organisational health intervention on mental health and work-related perceptions of teachers in Dutch secondary vocational schools

Session Content of participatory group sessions Phase
1 • Introduction
• Mutual expectations, drive and mission/vision. Mutual commitment
• How to engage colleagues?
• First inventory of positive points (job resources) and difficulties (job demands) for work pleasure in the course, as inspired by the JD-R model
(Prioritising based on importance, level of influence, and the wait time for results)
2 • Which priorities do we choose?
• Possible solutions
• Action plan
• Implementation plan
3 • Follow up 2
4 • Follow up 2
5 • Follow-up implementation
• Maintaining, continuation, evaluation
• Saying goodbye to the external facilitator