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Table 3 Cluster randomisation

From: A study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial on mindfulness-based stress reduction: studying effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction and an additional organisational health intervention on mental health and work-related perceptions of teachers in Dutch secondary vocational schools

  Care Technology Economy
MBO school, type 1 IG 1a IG 2b WGc
MBO school, type 2 WG IG 1 IG 2
MBO school, type 3 IG 2 WG IG 1
  1. a IG 1: intervention group 1 (MBSR)
  2. b IG 2: intervention group 2 (MBSR and an additional organisational health intervention)
  3. c WG: waiting list group (control group that will receive MBSR one year later)