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Table 1 SPIRIT checklist

From: A study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial on mindfulness-based stress reduction: studying effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction and an additional organisational health intervention on mental health and work-related perceptions of teachers in Dutch secondary vocational schools

  Study period
  Enrolment   Allocation Before start Post-allocation
TIMEPOINT**   t0    Intervention t1 t2 t3
Eligibility screen X        
Informed consent X        
[List other procedures] X        
Allocation    X      
MBSR training      X    
MBSR training and organizational health intervention      X    
Waiting list group         
by on line questionnaire:
Demographics   X       
Primary outcome and secondary outcomes   X     X X X
Other data variables   X     X X X
by interviews*:
Expectations   X   X     
Experiences       X   X
  1. SPIRIT Standard Protocol Items Recommendations for Interventional Trials, MBSR mindfulness-based stress reduction
  2. *Interviews were only with some participants in MBSR training and MBSR training and organisational health intervention groups
  3. **T0 = before the training; T1 = immediately after the training; T2 = 3 months after the training; T3 = 9 months after the training