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Table 2 Definitions of key terms, from Proctor et al. [31]

From: Protocol for a mixed methods process evaluation of a hybrid implementation-effectiveness trial of a scaled-up whole-school physical activity program for adolescents: Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1)

Key termDefinition
Fidelity“… the degree to which an intervention was implemented as it was prescribed in the original protocol or as it was intended by the program developers” (p 69)
Reach“…the integration of a practice within a service setting and its subsystems” (p 70)
Acceptability“…the perception among implementation stakeholders that a given treatment, service, practice, or innovation is agreeable, palatable, or satisfactory.” (p 67)
Appropriateness“…the perceived fit, relevance, or compatibility of the innovation or evidence-based practice for a given practice setting, provider, or consumer; and/or perceived fit of the innovation to address a particular issue or problem.” (p 69)
Feasibility“…the extent to which a new treatment, or an innovation, can be successfully used or carried out within a given agency or setting” (p 69)