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Table 2 Elements of the process evaluation

From: Family conferences and shared prioritisation to improve patient safety in the frail elderly (COFRAIL): study protocol of a cluster randomised intervention trial in primary care

Focus Documentation/assessment Measurement point
Feasibility of the intervention Piloting of family conferences with two physicians/region: semi-structured telephone interview with physicians; semi-structured telephone interview with patients and relatives Piloting, prior T0
Recruitment procedure of physicians and patients Protocol/region T0
Reasons for non-participation or drop-out Structured inquiry and documentation of reasons T0–T2
Description of crucial structure- and process-related factors (CRF) on cluster and patient level CRF-baseline data/cluster and patient T0
Conveyance of the intervention Mandatory educational sessions: structured protocol of each educational session.
Use of facultative educational session: standardised documentation
Use of individual medication reviews in intervention and control group:
standardised documentation
T0 (immediately after the educational intervention)
Evaluation of telephone study monitoring of physicians and patients Structured protocol T0–T2
Evaluation of training All participants of the education programme: Standardised questionnaire → evaluation of the programme
• Attitudes
• Acceptance
• Self-efficacy
• Expectations
T0 (after the second education sessions)
Application of training content All physicians: semi-structured protocols evaluation of family conferences
• Acceptance
• Contents
• Duration
• Practicability
• Need for change
T0, after 3 and 9 months (immediately after family conferences)
Experiences of physicians (e.g., attitudes regarding intervention; changes in physician–patient communication; barriers and facilitators) Four focus groups: two/region with 6 to 12 physicians
Guideline-based telephone interviews:
convenience sample of ten physicians/region
Experiences of families (e.g., consideration of preferences; changes in physician–patient communication; barriers and facilitators) Guideline-based telephone interviews: ten patient–relative dyads/region After 9 months (immediately after the last family conference)