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Table 1 UPSIDES-RCT process measures

From: Peer support for people with severe mental illness versus usual care in high-, middle- and low-income countries: study protocol for a pragmatic, multicentre, randomised controlled trial (UPSIDES-RCT)

VariableScaleNumber of itemsRatersSample size total/per siteTiminga
Measures as part of randomised controlled trial data assessmentst0t1t2
 Experiences of peer supportBrief INSPIRE [51]5SU279/47 xx
 FidelityUPSIDES peer support fidelity scale32
Other measuresaT0T1T2
 Motivations, competencies and relationship characteristicsRecovery-oriented peer provider work-role model and prototype measure (ROPP) [52]29PSW60/10xxx
 EmpowermentEmpowerment Scale (ES) [31]28PSW60/10xxx
 RecoveryStages of Recovery (STORI-30) [33]30PSW60/10xxx
 Recovery orientationRecovery Self-Assessment (RSA) [53]36Mental health workers30/5x x
36Key informants12/2x x
  1. PSW peer support worker, SU service user, t0 baseline, t1 4 months, t2 8 months
  2. aMeasurement points for other measures based on the entire duration of the intervention: T0 = baseline or earlier (at the start of the intervention); T1 = month 12 (intermediate); T2 = month 24 or earlier (at the end of the intervention)