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Table 1 CSI sessions, modules, and stress management/relaxation methods

From: Protocol for a randomized control trial of the caregiver support intervention with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

1Introduction and group building
SM*: Participants’ own methods of coping with stress
Caregiver wellbeing
2Stress and relaxation
SM: Counting the breath
Caregiver wellbeing
3Lowering our stress
SM: Stepping back from our thoughts, grounding
Caregiver wellbeing
4Coping with frustration and anger
SM: Peaceful walking, various anger management techniques
Caregiver wellbeing
5Parental stress and influence
SM: Stepping back from our thoughts (repeat)
Parenting in adversity
6Increasing our influence as parents, part I: Positive attention
SM: Guided visualization: A safe place
Parenting in adversity
7Increasing our influence as parents, part 2: Effective discipline
SM: Informal breathing practice
Parenting in adversity
8Positive parenting: Practice
SM: Participants choose any stress management/relaxation method
Parenting in adversity
9Looking back, looking forwardClosure
  1. SM stress management/relaxation technique taught during the session