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Table 1 Study visits and evaluations

From: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial: prophylactic swallowing exercises in head-and-neck cancer patients treated with (chemo)radiotherapy (PRESTO trial)

   Study period
EnrollmentAllocationPost allocation
Time pointPre RTBetween enrollment and start RTWeeks 1–4 of RTWeeks 5–7 of RTEnd of RT1 month after RT3 months after RT
 Eligibility screenX      
 Informed consentX      
 Allocation X     
PSE – control group  X    
PSE – app group  X    
PSE – therapist group  X    
Patient, disease and therapy characteristicsX      
Swallowing functionX X XXX
Muscle strengthX X XXX
Impact of mucositisX X XXX
Quality of lifeX   XXX
Attitudes towards exercises  X    
Overall fatigueX X    
  1. RT radiotherapy, PSE prophylactic swallowing exercises