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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of intervention and control groups by sex: mean (standard deviation) or percentage (%) within group

From: Improved recording of work relatedness during patient consultations in occupational primary health care: a cluster randomized controlled trial using routine data

 Women, n = 8735Men, n = 11,192
Baseline characteristicsControl group (n = 3911)Intervention group (n = 4824)Control group (n = 5828)Intervention group (n = 5364)
Age, mean (sd)44(12)42(12)43(12)42(12)
No sick leave, only visit, n (%)1827(47)2038(42)2924(50)2480(46)
Number of visits per person during 6 months preceding the intervention, mean (sd)3(2)3(2)2(2)3(2)
Any work disability pensiona, n (%)133(3)195(4)128(2)180(3)
Primary outcomeb
 Medium-term SA (4–14 days), n (%)783(20)1116(23)1246(21)1127(21)
Secondary outcomeb
 Short-term SA (1–3 days), n (%)1555(40)2087(43)1993(34)2056(38)
 Long-term SA (15+ days), n (%)406(10)563(12)569(10)557(10)
Number of SA episodes, mean (sd)2.1(1.6)2.3(1.8)2.1(1.6)2.1(1.6)
Total length of SA, days, mean (sd)8(21)10(28)7(23)8(23)
  1. SA sickness absence
  2. aPartial fixed-term disability pension, fixed-term disability pension, partial disability pension, permanent disability pension, vocational rehabilitation allowance
  3. bIncluding only those with sick leave (control group, n = 4990; intervention group, n = 5668)