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Table 3 Study assessments

From: Therapeutic iloprost for the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) (the ThIlo trial): a prospective, randomized, multicenter phase II study

 AdmissionIloprost administration 
d1d2d3d4d5ICU/ IMCWardHospital discharge or d28Hospital discharge or d90
Laboratory testing
 Blood countXaXaXaXaXaXaXbXcXX
 Hemostasis parametersXaXaXaXaXaXaXbXcXX
 Renal parametersXaXaXaXaXaXaXbXcXX
Clinical parameters
 Ventilation support including ventilation parametersXaXaXaXaXaXaXa   
 Prone positioningXaXaXaXaXaXaXa   
 High-frequency ventilationXaXaXaXaXaXaXa   
 Hemodynamic parametersXaXaXaXaXaXaXbXXX
 Vasopressor therapyXaXaXaXaXaXaXa   
 Inotrope therapyXaXaXaXaXaXaXa   
 Fluid balanceXaXaXaXaXaXaXa   
 Transfusion of red blood cellsXXXXXXXbXXX
 Transfusion of thrombocytesXXXXXXXbXXX
 Anti-infective therapyXXXXXXXbXXX
 Length of stay in ICU          
 Length of stay in hospital          
 Discharge location        XX
 Cause of death          
 Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale (RASS)XaXaXaXaXaXaXa   
 Barthel Index        XX
  1. IMC intermediate care
  2. aAssessment on daily basis during ICU stay
  3. bAssessment on daily basis until day 14 and then once per week during ICU/IMC stay
  4. cAssessment once per week on ward
  5. dSOFA score during ventilation support once per week
  6. eqSOFA score spontaneous breathing