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Table 5 Summary of findings from our simulation studies

From: A simulation study comparing the power of nine tests of the treatment effect in randomized controlled trials with a time-to-event outcome

EffectAcceptable tests (mean deficits over low and high event rates)
EarlySupLR (0.011), C (0.015), VWLR2 (0.022), J (0.030), LRE (0.040), WC (0.041)
LateLRL (0.004), VWLR (0.008), VWLR2 (0.013), WC (0.014), J (0.021)
PHLR (0.000), LRE (0.018), VWLR (0.021), C (0.027), VWLR2 (0.029), SupLR (0.038)
  1. Acceptable tests for different presumed types of treatment effects in increasing order of their mean power deficits. See text for details