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Table 1 Schedule of enrollment, implementation of interventions, assessments, and data collection for the period of the trial

From: Effect of community active case-finding strategies for detection of tuberculosis in Cambodia: study protocol for a pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial

TimepointStudy period
Enrollment (cluster level)
 Assessment of clusterX        
 Randomization of clusterX        
 Allocation of intervention X       
 Active case finding with a seed-and-recruit model  XXXXX  
 Active case finding targeting household and neighborhood contacts  XXXXX  
 Active case finding targeting people aged 55 years and older using mobile screening units  XXXXX  
 Passive case finding  XXXXX  
Assessments (cluster level)
 TB case notification by selected clusters  XXXXX  
 TB cases reported by each arm  XXXXX  
 Individuals screened for TB  XXXXX  
 Treatment outcomes    XXXXX
 Cost data  XXXXXXX
Assessments (individual level)
 Enrollment  XXXXX  
 Baseline survey  XXXXX  
 Follow-up survey    XXXXX
  1. TB tuberculosis, Q quarter