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Table 2 Demographics of participants who took part in interviews or focus groups. One researcher did not complete the demographics questionnaire

From: How can health economics be used in the design and analysis of adaptive clinical trials? A qualitative analysis

QuestionResponsePublic (n=15)Researcher (n=13)
Ethnicity (free text)White, European10
 White British87
Age (years)30 or younger11
 Older than 5083
Highest academic qualificationDoctorate18
 Post-graduate degree (Masters)25
 Registered nurse & registered midwife10
 Undergraduate degree60
 Undergraduate degree, teaching certificate10
 General Certificate of Secondary Education10
Have you ever participated in a clinical trial?No9-
Have you ever been a member of a public involvement group?No5-
Experience in clinical trials research (years)11–15 years-5
 16–20 years-1
 5–10 years-1
 Less than 5 years-2
 More than 20 years-3
Current employment sectorPrivate-6
LocationUnited Kingdom-11
 United States of America-2
Area of expertise (can choose multiple)Clinician-1
 Health economics-8
 Health services research-1
 Value of information analysis-2
 Adaptive designs-3
 Clinical trial management-1