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Table 4 Participant assessment and follow-up visit schedule for the SENSE-Cog Trial

From: A randomised controlled trial of hearing and vision support in dementia: Protocol for a process evaluation in the SENSE-Cog trial

  1. 0Baseline, follow-up and end visits may be split into two visits, occurring within a maximum of a 2-week window according to the PwD’s needs
  2. 1Clinical examination including assessment of vision impairment (using the PEEK tool), hearing impairment (using the HearCheck device), level of cognitive impairment and other eligibility criteria and medical diagnostic of depression
  3. 2 Baseline (except for the MoCA scale, which will be performed at screening), W18 and W36 (around 2 to 2.5 h)
  4. 3The number of sessions may vary from participant to participant but the maximum number of visits will be ten at an average rate of one per week. The order and duration of each component may vary according to the participants’ needs, as determined in collaboration with the researcher, the PwD and the companion
  5. The remaining weeks until week 18 will allow the SST to revisit and recap previous components, based on the participant’s individual needs and goal attainment
  6. 4In case of dual impairment, the hearing assessment will be done first, followed by the vision assessment, if possible
  7. 5A qualitative interview will be consecutively proposed to each dyad:
  8. - Who experienced completed SI (all intervention visits scheduled by the SST, in addition to the full hearing and vision assessments)
  9. - at the therapist discretion based on their clinical impression of the person be able to provide meaningful feedback
  10. - and who are willing to
  11. - until we reach participation of 60 people (30 interviews), six dyads per site: four dyads with single impairment (two hearing only and two vision only if possible) and two dyads with dual impairment
  12. This qualitative interview will take place within 2 weeks of SI completion. One additional interview, if possible, will be undertaken with a dyad which did not complete the full SI
  13. W week