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Table 2 Coronary heart disease Chinese medicine main symptom scale

From: Effects of Astragalus injection and Salvia Miltiorrhiza injection on serum inflammatory markers in patients with stable coronary heart disease: a randomized controlled trial protocol

SymptomSymptom grading score
Chest pain☐ 0 points: None.
☐ 3 points: Remission after rest will not affect daily life.
☐ 6 points: medication is required at the time of onset, and normal life can be continued after remission.
☐ 9 points: Frequent seizures affect daily activities (such as dressing, eating, walking, and large symptoms can be induced).
Chest tightness☐ 0 points: None.
☐ 3 points: I feel a chest tightness and can relieve myself.
☐ 6 points: Chest tightness attacks are more frequent, but do not affect normal life and work.
☐ 9 points: Chest tightness continues to be incomprehensible, affecting life and work.
Shortness of breath☐ 0 points: None.
☐ 2 points: short after the event.
☐ 4 points: A little move is short.
☐ 6 points: I usually feel short of breath.
Weak☐ 0 points: None.
☐ 2 points: Severe activity is weak.
☐ 4 points: Moderate activity is weak.
☐ 6 points: Mild activity is weak.
Heart palpitations☐ 0 points: None.
☐ 1 point: Occasionally, you can relieve yourself.
☐ 2 points: Frequent attacks, but can persist at work.
☐ 3 points: The heart is constantly puzzled, affecting life and work.