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Table 2 Original version of the blood stasis questionnaire

From: Effectiveness of Gyejibongnyeong-Hwan for shoulder pain: study protocol for a randomised, wait-list controlled pilot trial

Question None Mild Moderate Severe Very severe
1. Having dizziness
2. Having central-type palsy
3. Sublingual varicosities
4. Dark purple of palate mucosa
5. Blackish red gingiva
6. Blackish red lips
7. Blackish red tongue
8. Ecchymosis of tongue
9. Dark colouration of periocular region
10. A dark colouration of the face
11. Having chest pain without angina pectoris
12. Side pain
13. Tenderness and resistance of hypochondrium
14. Tenderness and resistance of navel region
15. Lower abdominal pain
16. Tenderness and resistance of ileocecum
17. Tenderness and resistance of sigmoid colon
18. Haemorrhoid
19. Dark stool
20. Having pain due to sprain of ankle, wrist, and spine
21. Having symptoms (pain, bruise) due to contusion or traffic accident
22. Chronic pain in joint/palsies and numbness
23. Stabbing pain
24. Pain at night
25. Ecchymosis of skin
26. Scaly and rough skin
27. Telangiectasia or angioectasia
28. Palmar erythema
29. Bruised easily
30. Angina pectoris No Yes
31. Rough pulse No Yes