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Table 2 Comparison of mean time for accomplishing different tasks for a clinical trial startup phase before and after implementation of the intervention protocol

From: Streamlining and cycle time reduction of the startup phase of clinical trials

 Before implementing the interventionAfter implementing the interventionP valuePercentage reduction
Mean [SD] (week)Mean [SD] (week)
PCLM approval1.7 [2.0]0.7 [0.94]0.5960.4
IDS approval4.2 [3.6]1. 5 [2.7]0.2764.9
IRB approval7.5 [3.1]6.6 [5.7]0.2712
From confidentiality agreement to IRB approval24.8 [8.2]13.5 [11.6]0.3645.6
  1. Abbreviations: PCLM pathology and clinical laboratory medicine, IDS investigational drug service, IRB institutional review board