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Table 3 Abuse outcome definition

From: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial evaluating the impact of the Nurse-Family Partnership’s home visiting program in South Carolina on maternal and child health outcomes

ICD-9-CM Code Code description
054.1, 098 Genital herpes, Gonococcal infection
995.50, 995.54, 995.55, 995.59 Child physical abuse; Shaken baby syndrome; Other child abuse and neglect, not otherwise specified
262 Other severe malnutrition
362.81 Retinal hemorrhage
521.0 Dental caries
614.9 Pelvic inflammatory disease, unspecified
692.7 Solar radiation dermatitis
800, 805, 807.0, 807.1, 808, 811 Skull vault fracture; Vertebral fracture; Rib Fracture; Pelvic fracture; Scapula fracture
852.0, 852.2, 852.2 Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage; Traumatic subdural hemorrhage; Other/unspecified intracranial hemorrhage
860 Traumatic pneumohemothorax
861, 862 Heart or lung injury; intrathoracic injury, not elsewhere classified
863.1, 863.2, 863.3, 863.8 Stomach injury; Small intestine injury; GI injury not elsewhere classified
864 Liver injury
865 Spleen injury
866 Kidney injury
922.4 Contusion of genital organs
941, 942, 945, 946 Burn of head: Burn of trunk; Burn of leg; Burn of multiple sites
952 Spinal cord injury
960–979 Poisoning by drugs/medicinals
994.1 Drowning, non-fatal submersion
E869.4 Second-hand tobacco smoke
E910.2, E910.4, E910.8, E910.9 Swimming accident, Bathtub (near) drowning, Other (near) drowning, Accidental (near) drowning, not otherwise specified
E960.0; E961; E962; E963; E964; E965; E966; E967; E968.0; E968.1; E968.2; E968.3, E968.4, E968.5, E968.6, E968.7, E968.8, E968.9, E980, E985, E988, V60, V71.5, V71.81 Unarmed fight, brawl; Assault by corrosive or caustic substance, except poisoning; Assault by poisoning; Assault by hanging and strangulation; Assault by submersion; Assault by firearms and explosives; Assault by cutting and piercing instrument; Perpetrator of child and adult abuse; Assault by fire; Assault by pushing from a high place; Assault by striking by blunt or thrown object; Assault by hot liquid; Assault by criminal neglect; Assault by transport vehicle; Assault by air gun; Assault by human bite; Assault by other specified means; Assault by unspecified means; Undetermined intent, poisoning; Undetermined intent, firearm; Undetermined intent, other means; Household circumstances; Observation after alleged rape; Observation for abuse/neglect
  1. † Indicates overlap between abuse and injury definitions. Cases that fall under both the definition of injury and abuse will only be counted once towards the overall metric