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Table 1 Study measures

From: UVR-sensor wearable device intervention to improve sun behaviors and reduce sunburns in melanoma survivors: study protocol of a parallel-group randomized controlled trial

Measure Purpose Description Weeks
0 4 8 12 64
Health behaviors [30] Distraction Measures of health behaviors, including alcohol, smoking, fruits, vegetables, vitamin D, height, weight X X X X X
Physical activity [26] Secondary outcome (unintended consequence) Strenuous, moderate and mild activity times per week, and amount of time per session X X X X X
Sun protection habits [20] Primary outcome Wearing a shirt with sleeves, wearing sunglasses, staying in the shade, using sunscreen, limiting time in the sun, and wearing a hat; Likert scale Xa Xa Xa Xa Xa
Sunburns [20] Secondary outcome (efficacy) Number of times had a red OR painful sunburn that lasted a day or more Xb Xa Xa Xa,b Xb
Sun exposure and other Protection measures [20] Validation/comparison with device data Exposure during weekday and weekend days, sunscreen details, indoor tanning Xb Xa Xa Xa Xb
Beliefs, intentions, self-efficacy regarding sun protection behaviors [31, 32] Substudy (if intervention fails) Reasoned action battery: intention, attitude, behavioral beliefs, perceived norms, normative beliefs, self-efficacy, efficacy beliefs X    X X
Sun protection knowledge Secondary outcome (efficacy) Knowledge of sun protection (items covered in brochure) X    X X
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale [27] Secondary outcome (unintended consequence) Screener for depression and anxiety used frequently in cancer survivors; Likert scale X    X X
Comorbidities [33] Background Presence of heart problems, hypertension, chronic back pain, arthritis, stroke, severe memory or concentration problems, lung diseases, stomach and/or intestinal problems, diabetes, depression, anxiety, neuropathy, and other cancer diagnoses X    X X
Diagnosis and treatment [33] Background/potential moderators Year diagnosis, location, stage, treatments received, recurrence, metastasis X     
Fear of recurrence [34] Background/potential moderator Cancer and health worry X    X X
Demographics Background/potential moderators Sex, age, race/ethnicity, education, income, marital status, parent status, family history of cancer, skin phenotype X     
Device use Potential moderator Self-reported and device-provided   X X X  
Device usability/satisfaction [28] Secondary outcome System Usability Scale     X  
  1. aTime frame: past 4 weeks
  2. bTime frame: past summer