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Table 5 Schedule of enrollment, interventions, and assessments (SPIRIT figure)

From: The TIRS trial: protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial assessing the efficacy of preventive targeted indoor residual spraying to reduce Aedes-borne viral illnesses in Merida, Mexico

  Prior to start of clinical study Enrollment Within 12 months of enrollment Within 12–24 months of enrollment Within 24–36 months of enrollment Within 36–48 months of enrollment (possible 3rd season)
Enrollment (year 1)
Cluster eligibility screen X      
Individual eligibility screen X      
Informed consent   X     
Allocation    X    
Interventions* (years 2–3)
TIRS1     X   
TIRS2      X  
TIRS3       X
No activities in untreated clusters     X X X
Baseline: entomology, seroprevalence    X    
Active surveillance/entomology     X X X
Annual sero-survey     X X X
Mobility surveys    X X X X
Monitoring insecticide adverse effects     X X X
Laboratory testing    X X X X
  1. *Routine vector control in response to symptomatic ABV disease will not be discontinued