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Table 4 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for study enrollment

From: The TIRS trial: protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial assessing the efficacy of preventive targeted indoor residual spraying to reduce Aedes-borne viral illnesses in Merida, Mexico

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Household level
 Household is located within the bounds of a study cluster (5 × 5 city block clusters) Households where study personnel identify a security risk (i.e., site where drugs are sold, residents are always drunk or hostile)
 House located in a city block that has at least 60% residential premises Sites where no residents spend time during the day (i.e., work 7 days a week outside the home)
Inability for a resident to provide informed consent
Non-residential places (e.g., businesses, schools, markets)
Individual level
 Aged 2 and up to 15 years at the time of initial enrollment Having a medical condition that prevents implementation of study procedures
 Living in a house that consented to be enrolled in the TIRS study Temporary visitor to household
Plans to leave study area within next 12 months
Consent and assent not obtained