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Table 1 Outcome measures for the trial

From: The TIRS trial: protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial assessing the efficacy of preventive targeted indoor residual spraying to reduce Aedes-borne viral illnesses in Merida, Mexico

Endpoint Name Population Brief description
Primary Laboratory-confirmed Aedes-borne disease 2–15-year-olds at enrollment Laboratory-confirmed (virologically [RT-PCR testing of acute samples] or serologically [IgM and IgG ELISA testing of paired acute and convalescent samples]) symptomatic DENV, CHIKV, or ZIKV
Secondary Laboratory-confirmed Aedes-borne infection 2–15-year-olds at enrollment Laboratory-confirmed (serologically, [IgG ELISA and neutralization testing of annual surveillance samples]) DENV, CHIKV, or ZIKV infection. A FRNT50 for one DENV serotype ≥ 4-fold the FRNT50 to the other 3 serotypes is considered DENV mono-immune seroconversion
Secondary Aedes aegypti infection with Aedes-borne viruses Female Ae. aegypti collected in central 3 × 3 blocks of each cluster Ae. aegypti mosquito infection rates with DENV, CHIKV, and ZIKV (assessed by RT-PCR) from 10% of households
Secondary Aedes aegypti infestation Ae. aegypti collected in central 3 × 3 blocks of each cluster Ae. aegypti indoor entomological indices (adult presence and abundance, female presence and abundance, blood-fed female and abundance) from 10% of households
Secondary Community acceptability of TIRS Head of household in clusters receiving TIRS Households receiving the intervention will be asked about their response and issues with TIRS. Conducted on same houses where entomology occurs.
Secondary Community impact of TIRS All ages Number of symptomatic ABV cases reported to the passive surveillance system, including children and adults, distributed in treatment and control clusters
Secondary Safety profile All houses in 5 × 5 block treatment clusters Percentage of households receiving the intervention that had evidence of a reaction to the insecticide (assessed and confirmed by study doctors). All sprayed households are eligible.