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Table 2 Data outcomes for process evaluation publications

From: Process evaluation within pragmatic randomised controlled trials: what is it, why is it done, and can we find it?—a systematic review

Review objective Type of data Outcomes
Labelling Quantitative • Use of label ‘process evaluation’ anywhere in the set of papers for the trial
• Use of keyword ‘process evaluation’ for indexing
Characteristics Quantitative • Process evaluation components (mapped from aims and qualitative findings)
• Whether processes related to the intervention or trial
• Methodology
• Data collection method
Reported barriers and facilitators Qualitative • Practical issues relating to designing or operationalising the process evaluation
Reported value Qualitative • Reported rationales for undertaking, or implications of the process evaluation
Accessibility Quantitative • Publishing journal
• Time to publication from trial results paper
• Search method required to locate paper
• Mention of the process evaluation in trial results paper
• Where in paper the trial first named or referenced
• Inclusion in trial registry