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Table 3 Schedule for data collection during the EMINENT trial

From: Implementing a nurse-enabled, integrated, shared-care model involving specialists and general practitioners in breast cancer post-treatment follow-up: a study protocol for a phase II randomised controlled trial (the EMINENT trial)

  Study period
Enrolment Allocation Post-allocation Close-out
Timepoint -t1 0 t1 t2 t3 t4 tx
 Eligibility screen X       
 Informed consent X       
 Allocation   X      
 Usual Care        
Primary endpoints
 Health-related quality of life    X X X X  
Secondary endpoint
 Patient experience of care    X     
 Dietary behaviours    X X X X  
 Physical activity and sedentary behaviours    X X X X  
 Financial toxicity    X   X X  
 Adherence to clinical assessments        X
 Health resource utilisation     X X X X
 Satisfaction of care       X  
 Acceptance of intervention       X  
Participant characteristics
 Demographics    X     
 Clinical characteristics    X     
Process outcomes
 Completion of intervention component       X  
 Clinical encounters at cancer centre        X
 Referrals back to acute care        X
 GP and specialist visits        X
  1. t1 baseline, t2 3 months, t3 6 months, t4 12 months