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Table 2 Primary and exploratory outcomes of the ImpleMentAll study

From: Tailored implementation of internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy in the multinational context of the ImpleMentAll project: a study protocol for a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial

  Outcome Instrument Organizational level Staff level
Primary outcome Degree of normalization NoMAD (20 items) Baseline, 3-monthly
Exploratory outcome Demographics Self-developed questionnaire Once during the study period Baseline
Service uptake Self-developed questionnaire
Data source: administrative data basis (e.g. iCBT platform)
Baseline, 3-monthly
Implementation costs Self-developed questionnaire
Data source: financial administration
Baseline, 3-monthly
Exposure Event-based platform log-files Continuous
Satisfaction CSQ (3 items) End of exposure time
Usability SUS (10 items) End of exposure time
Perceived impact Visual analogue scale (1 item) End of exposure time
Organizational Readiness ORIC (12 items) Baseline, 3-monthly
  1. Outcomes, assessment instruments, the level on which the outcomes are assessed, and measurements’ time intervals. All staff-level questionnaires have been translated and adapted into local languages using a standardized translation guide